How can BIM make your project better?

BIM has been providing many benefits for owners, project managers and construction teams since its inception in 2002. The most immediate benefit for using BIM is the shift in the project timeline.

BIM visualization and information tools make initial design faster and provide for the most beneficial impact on construction costs. BIM allows owners to see their designs live in 3D and navigate the model early on in the design process and identify changes. This saves everyone time and money which is a great value owner.

However, the greatest benefits of BIM are only beginning to be realized. BIM is now starting to add construction scheduling capabilities to create a dynamic collaboration between the design and construction teams. This collaboration provides for significantly better construction sequencing and stakeholder acceptance. The tighter sequencing makes for much better site coordination between designers, contractors, and subcontractors. This can reduce the amount of people on site and the risk of injury. BIM models are also being connected to systems that evaluate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) characteristics.

When the project is turned over to the owner the benefits of BIM will be obvious. The BIM design data is rolled into a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) which will provide for long-term gains that owners will use to manage and maintain their facilities.


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